Many Stories, One World

Material World -8 different countries

Why Mosquitoes Buzz In People's Ears
In this African folktale, children learn how the noisy mosquitoe disturbed his animal friends, and why to this day he still buzzes in people's ears.

Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters
When the King goes looking for a wife, Mufaro begins to test his two beautiful daughters secretly to find out which one is more worthy. Will it be selfish Manyara, or kindly Nyasha?

What is Bookweek?

Book Week is the longest running children's festival in Australia. Each year, many schools and public libraries from all over Australia spend a week celebrating books and Australian authors and illustrators. Classroom teachers, teacher librarians and public librarians develop activities and tell stories relating to a theme to highlight the importance of reading.

How long has Australia been holding this festival?We have been celebrating for 66years.

This years theme is:
One World Many Stories
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Song-One World Many Stories
One World, Many Stories Library Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
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|||| "Where in the World"

One World, Many Stories

Rhythm Instruments, Free Songs to download and Fun Props and More Ideas.

Children’s Book Council of Australia Awards Short List 2011
Lyrics to the promotional version of
"One World, Many Stories" by Billy Gorilly

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People, places, things to see

Come on everybody and we'll go exploring

One great big world, many stories

You can find each one

At your library

Where there's reading and learning

And oodles of fun

People, places, animals too

Stories, lots and lots of stories

Here for you and everyone

Great razzamatazzama superpolazzama

Exciting library fun

ONE WORLD, MANY STORIES from Billy Gorilla
A MUST VISIT site is Mrs Mac's Library
Great range of activities based on the 2011 CBCA shortlists.

Mrs B's Interactive Literacy bookweek site has a wide selection of
engaging interactive activities based on the CBCA shortlists.

2011 Early Childhood Books

Mrs T's ICT Library -be inspired by the many ideas suggested.
Read about 10 of the shortlisted books-

Book Week Activities 2011 – Ideas for CBCA Shortlisted Books

Victoria Point State School Library
Click on each of the book covers to learn more about each book.
Visit Stacey Graham's Bookweek site for many SMARTBoard
notebooks on the various shortlisted books.
Visit Hambledon Public School's bookweek site for more ideas.

Immerse students in a wide range of stories and tales from around the world.

Teen Posters
Teen Posters

=One World, Many Stories: Colouring Sheets=
Poster UK Book Week UK BookWeek
Chinese fables Seven Chinese fables to read or listen to
Folk Tales Choose from six tales
Greek Myths
Indigenous Stories
Stories, Legends and Folktales from Around the World
Tales of Wonder

World Stories
PBS Between the Lions Folktales and Fables

International Children's Digital Library -Stories and books from all over the world
African folklore

Anansi Goes To Lunch

Read by Internationally known Storytellers,Bobby and Sherry Norfolk.
Anansi Goes To Lunch
Anansi Goes To Lunch


'One World Many Stories' BOOK WEEK 2011 Image courtesy of Carroll County library===Home: A film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand===
Home discusses the environmental impact we have on the earth's planet. Through the landscapes of 54 countries captured from above, the movie takes viewers on an unique journey all around the planet. The images show the Earth's treasures being destroyed and the wonders we can still preserve.One World Many Stories @BPL
Mission:Your mission is to visit each of the seven continents and find out information about each one. Click on a continent page in the list on the side of this page to get started on your journey around the world!
One World Video Song

Ideas collated from teachers in the bookweek group on #Maang
Vivian Harris about one day ago to BookweekI'm planning to go with a multicultural theme display. I collect items from around the world in local opshops (useful for any multicultural unit or activity) and I will display them with a book from that country. I can't set it up yet because I will be doing a display for science week which is the week before.
Anne McLellan 9 hours ago to BookweekWe have a Parade in Book Week and I've suggested students dress as a book character or someone from another country.Also using Mrs B's Interactive Literacy- Mrs B's Interactive Literacy if you haven't already seen it, have a look. A great site, thanks Irene. Also Mrs Mac's Library site has great resources- thanks Sharon. Stage 1 kids are joining the Picture Book Rap in Week 5.
I had a class doing the Global Connection unit last term and as part of that we joined the Postcard Project. So I'm continuing with the global theme, we have postcards displayed from around the world, flags, resources about different countries, also traditional stories which we are reading as well as short-listed titles. We are focussing on the culture of the countries, including stories- also online stories and activities.
Megan Hall 2 days ago to BookweekI think I'm going to challenge classes to read books from as many different countries around the world as they can. I think Barbara Braxton suggested that idea on the tl_listserv.
Margot Lindgren 3 days ago to Bookweek
Display idea my art teacher had the kids make silhouettes but then the kids cut open the brain part and added an image (in the same black card) of something to do with books or reading - they look good around my world map.
Ian McLean 5 days ago
The upcoming BOOK WEEK RAP will utilise #ICTas we will do an online survey (Survey Monkey?), add entries to the official blog, create digital stories and see the online work of other schools.
Irene Buckler 4 days agoall activities on my site are IWB friendly - perfect way to blend CBCA Book Week short-listed titles with technology and literacy. See Mrs B's Interactive LiteracyChris Berry 5 days ago to BookweekSpotlight advertised a quilting panel ... "Around the World" design during the holidays.
Ian McLean 5 days ago to BookweekDon't forget that Jennifer Scheffers (Caddies Creek PS), Catherine Keane of the #School Libraries and Information Literacy Unit and I (Penrith PS) will be hosting the BOOK WEEK RAP this term. For #Stage 1 and #Stage 2 , it will cover all the picture books in each category (including the Crichton Awards) and it starts in Week 5. Programming material will be up before then. Meanwhile, you can spend these lead-up weeks exposing your rappers to the shortlist. We hope you will join us!
Margot Lindgren 6 days ago to BookweekI made a collection of all the globe images from Microsoft Word Clip art these might be ideas for displays.external image little-doc.gifClip art images for globe.doc (1.19M)Margot Lindgren 6 days ago to BookweekJust found some colouring sheetsbased on the US Summer reading program which had our same slogan.
You 7 days ago to BookweekI have been exploring #2011_bookweek on this site and where it leads-#impressed Butson 7 days ago to BookweekStacey Graham has a FABULOUS page on her library website with loads of IWB activities for some of the shortlisted books at

Narelle Adams 15 days ago to Bookweeklots of ideas for bookweek on the ALIA Pre-bookweek extravaganza wiki